Almost time.

I started packing my apartment a few weeks ago, but its really starting to hit me now that the walls are completely bare that I’m leaving. Most of the time I feel like this has been a good decision, but every once in a while (okay fine, daily) I freak out. Am I really quitting a well-paying job to teach English in France and make barely enough to live on? This wasn’t the plan at all a year ago. The big C was sending lots of people to our Paris office, James (my love) and Henry (my dog) were going to come with me, we’d live in a quaint Parisian apartment in the 6eme arrondisement, life would be wonderful. But then the economy hit us as well. Most ex-pats came home, no one else was being sent. I had to make a decision.

So this is what I chose, and 90% of the time I’m extremely excited about teaching English at Lycee Fenelon in Cambrai. Sylvie, my contact at the school has been extremely helpful and nice (see…not all French people are mean!), so I’m very excited about meeting her and my future students. I just wish I could fast forward to the first of November when I’m settled and in some sort of routine. James will come visit for Christmas (yay!!) and Henry will be moving to the lovely Sirridge home. I wouldn’t even be going if it wasn’t for Kim and her amazing friendship (and love of dogs!). I can’t imagine a better home for Henry, I owe you SO much! Oh bless that fateful, wretchedly hot day we met in Strasbourg.

So this is my blog, courtesey of James, I’ll try to update often.

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