First Day of Class

I only had two classes today because the teacher I’m supposed to work with for the other two is sick, which was fantastic because I’m sick too! The classes I did have were for BTS students. They do two years after high school and either go work somewhere, or go to a univerisity for a year and get a license.

The teacher had them ask me questions at first, and it was pretty basic such as “where are you from”, “how old are you”, “how long will you be in france”. Except this one kid asked me to say something in French so he could see how good my accent was.  Madame did not like that.  It seems classes are more strict over here, but students still don’t want to participate. With these two classes I’ll work with the students on oral comprehension, so I think it will be good. Plus it looks like I won’t have to prepare any lesson plans. YES!

I have 6 classes tomorrow (so far), so its going to be a long day. I hope this French medicine starts kicking in soon!

I think I’m close to being done with the paperwork nightmare that is France. I’m very lucky to be at Lycee Fenelon, they really seem on top of what needs to be done. I can’t imagine trying to figure all this out on my own!

We had hamburgers and french fries in the cafeteria today.


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