Couchsurfing in Lille

Once again, I went to Lille for the weekend. I really need to branch out a little, but Lille is so close and its only 10 euro round trip. This time I went with five other assistants and M found us a place to stay through couchsurfing. I created a profile before I left, but haven’t done much with it since. The people we stayed with were absolutely amazing! A very nice couple with the cutest son named Louis (also know as Lou Lou). We arrived in the morning and Lou Lou gave us a tour of their townhouse. All four stories! It was very cute, with the steepest, narrowest staircases I’ve ever seen. My favorite part though was the outhouse, fully modern with a toilet and sink, it just happened to be outside.

We spent the day wandering around Lille. Some of the girls went to the art museum, but I met up with two girls I’ll be traveling with over Toussaint to get things squared away. We’re planning on Vienna, Prague, Budapest, and maybe Romania. I’m SO excited! I’m also relieved to find people to travel with…it seems like all the other assistants in my town have friends other places in Europe they’re going to visit.

We ate at a fantastic Chinese restaurant for dinner, recommended by our host. After that we roamed from bar to bar, which was fine, except that with a group of six it was hard to find space for all of us. Finally in the wee hours of the morning we walked back to our couch surfing home. To avoid being an episode of Law and Order we decided to not go through the massive park and instead walked about an hour. Exhausting.

Sunday morning we went to a braderie which is comparable to a garage sale, except people from all over the neighborhood congregate in one area to sell their stuff. There were some interesting things…but I refrained from making any purchases. Really I was just too tired. We also went to a covered market but things were closing up when we got there. For lunch we had the North’s specialty: fries!

I’m planning on staying in Cambrai this weekend in an effort to save a little money. Who knew traveling would be so expensive!! I’ll add some pics to this post soon.


One thought on “Couchsurfing in Lille

  1. Susan, this all sounds fabulous! I love reading your posts and I’m glad to hear you’ve gotten over your cold. We miss you in the office 🙂

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