My vacation officially started Friday night! It somehow feels like I’ve been here forever, even though its been only 4 weeks. Maybe its just that I know where everything is.

My plan for Toussaint is to go to Eastern Europe with two other american assistants. We didn’t know each other before this, but I think its going to go well! We’re hoping to visit Vienna, Prague, and Budapest. I’m SO excited! I’m also hoping that food there is a little cheaper then here. Its quite amazing how much traveling can cost, no wonder my students have never left France.

My Halloween presentation went fairly well on Friday, but most of my students already knew everything I told them. There was one kid who didn’t believe that James and I carved an Obama pumpkin last year. I showed him the picture and he said “You found this on the internet?” (No, we carved it), “Someone else carved it and you found the picture.” (No, we carved it and took a picture), “How did you know what to carve?” (We found a pattern on the Internet). Then he spoke to the teacher in rapid-fire French where she tried to explain. I don’t think he was ever convinced. They also thought it was really funny that we dressed up Henry last year…which I suppose I can understand. 🙂

James told me a few days ago that the dollar is at a 14 month low against the euro. Figures.


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