No heat or hot water a la maison blanche

We woke up this morning to no heat or hot water at our little house. Perfect. Since the school owns our house we have to talk to them, and of course no one is there on the weekend. I’m all in favor of calling a repair man and paying for it ourselves. I can’t live like this! (Okay, so its only been a few hours but its going to make for a long weekend!) I knew I should’ve traveled somewhere this weekend.

My classes have been going well, although I had one girl in an English class ask “Why are you here?”. My terminale classes (the oldest kids) are my fav. They can actually speak in sentences and discuss current events. Which is a ton better than “I have got one brother” or “I have already visited London”. My young students generally just stare at me (which I suppose is better than throwing things), but usually there’s one smart kid who explains things to all the others. Oh, and I think I’ve won most of them over with candy. They love Tootsie Rolls!

My presentation this Friday was on Barack Obama (whom they all love) and it went really well. My terminales even knew his position on major issues! I can’t say I could do the same with Sarkozy. Next Friday’s subject: Thanksgiving!

Thursday nights the gym teachers at Fenelon teach aerobics for the teachers and we’ve been going. Its actually quite fun and entertaining to see all the teachers I work with try to do the moves. I really want to find a ballet class.

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