Thankgiving and Birthday week

This year my birthday happens to be on Thanksgiving, which is sort of a bummer since no one likes their special day to be overshadowed by a national holiday. Good news though, I’m in France! We’re still going to have a Thanksgiving dinner, but tomorrow instead of Thursday since Anna is going to be out of town. We’ve been working on our menu and trying to figure out how in the world we’re going to make Thanksgiving dinner for 8 people when none of us have done this before. Where’s mom when you need her?

Speaking of dinner, the four of us had the most amazing dinner at one of the German teachers’ house. It started off with an aperitif (if only I could remember the name!) and little salty things to munch on. The main course was something that resembled hot pot, but you actualy had a little spoon/ladle to put your fish of choice in and rest it in the boiling liquid. There were four different types of fish to choose from and then steamed vegetables and rice. So yummy!! With it we had a bottle of Pinot Gris from Alsace. Turns our the German teacher grew up in Strasbourg, ahh…if only I were teaching there. Anywho, after that we had three different types of cheese from the region and a bottle of red wine (from Bordeaux of course). THEN we had dessert. A delicious sort of apple cake. Everything was magnificent and terribly French. We arrived a little after 7 and didn’t return home until after midnight. The German teacher and her husband were so lovely and fun, we promised we’d make a dinner for them soon in repayment. Their house was amazing as well, sort of a townhouse with artifacts from all the places they’ve visited.

I lost an umbrella today to the ferocious winds, I literally had to jam it into a trash can it was so messed up. The weather has been remarkably nice here before today. I guess le Nord is finally showing its true colors. Makes me want to stay in bed all day and read Sookie Stackhouse.

James comes in less than a month!! (Happy million soda day 🙂 I love you!!)


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