My sweet James

James proposed!!! 🙂

And I’m so so sad he’s gone. I think I’m more homesick than ever. Is it May yet?

Our trip was wonderful (even through the snow, frigid temperatures, and exhaustion). I’ll try to recount most of our trip, but starting with our last night in Paris.

That day we had a really great walking tour in the Marais area of Paris and then went up to the Marche aux Puces. We wandered through the stalls (and found this really great stuffed beaver/opossum/animal with a top hat, lantern, and grim reaper type axe…bummer that the place was close and there would be no way to get it back to the U.S.) but after like an hour we were freezing and ready for a nap in our lovely hotel room. More about that trick later. For dinner we decided to try to find this place I saw on TripAdvisor. We hadn’t been very lucky finding things and this one wasn’t any better. We actually did find it, but it was of course closed. Just as well though because we found a place a couple blocks away called Le Mesturet with amazing food and a lovely atmosphere.

After dinner James wanted to go for a walk so we headed back to the Louvre and took some really fun pics. I was surprised that he wanted to keep walking since it was so cold and the Metro was about to close, but we decided to walk on from there. He was in search of a pedestrian only bridge, but the one we found wasn’t very fun, so we walked to Place de la Concorde to look down the Champs Elysees towards the Arc de Triumphe. The Christmas lights were all still up so it was very beautiful. We stood for a while and I of course cried because it was our last night in Paris and James would be going home soon.

Once my tears had dried up James said “so I might have bought you something at the antique market today…” All I could think about was that dang stuffed animal, but then he pulled out a little black box. He opened it and got down on one knee. It was a beautiful antique engagement ring he brought all the way from home. I was so surprised! I was once again a crying mess (and being sick didn’t really help). I’ve always dreamed about him proposing in Paris, I can’t believe it really happened! I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with him.

my beautiful ring!

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