Galette des Rois

Tuesday night was our “holiday party” with the principal and other teachers in the salle des profs at school. We did something all French people do around the 6th of January (the epiphany), we ate a galette des rois! And of course had alcohol. Yes on school grounds, this is France afterall.

In my high school French class we had something similar but used it to celebrate Mardi Gras, apparently that is an American/French Cajun interpretation. Thank you Madame Dicus. Anywho, this galette des rois is more of a pie or tarte with a little porcelain figure (la fève) in it. Whoever bites into their piece and finds la fève is the king/queen! They even had little paper crowns. Thankfully I didn’t find anything. I always seem to speak my worse French when a teacher asks me something. But Laura did win!! One of the teachers told us that some people save all the ones they’ve found and have quite the collection.

Here’s some examples:


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