My First French Haircut!

I’ve been needing to get my hair cut for a couple months now, but have always been too scared to actually do it. On the assistants forum there are a lot of horror stories about mullets, hair cut too short, and extra fees tacked on at the end–none of which sound too pleasant. But when Marion, the German assistant at the other high school, said she was going, I decided to tag along.

We decided to try a place called Tchip, really because it was the cheapest. I’m not sure if its a chain or what, but the place looked like it came straight from the 80s. Peach and teal color scheme, wavy mirrors and all. She told us we would have to wait 20 minutes, umm…more like an hour! We were thinking about just leaving when they finally called us. Marion had done her research while I just looked up how to say “layers” (en dégradé) so I ended up just saying the same as her. There really wasn’t much different than at home except they try to sell you “soins” or deep conditioning for 6 extra euros while they’re shampooing you. Luckily I read on the Internet its pretty much a scam, so we knew not to accept. One other thing that made me nervous is that when they got ready to cut our hair, they put this rubber mat thingy over our shoulders. We already had a cape on, so I’m not sure what its purpose was but the other ladies in the salon didn’t get it.

Our coiffeuses ended up being super nice and interested in why we were living in Cambrai. I fairly sure we’re the only foreigners here. And, they did a great job!! Okay, so I would consider anything not a mullet a great job, but we succeed nonetheless! I’d give Tchip an 19/20!!

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