Faire la queue

French people don’t know how to wait in lines. I’m not sure why, maybe its because the English love their queues and the French and the English are just meant to be opposites.

Three examples

1). Today at the supermarket
Minding my own business standing in a super long line, a lady comes up and stands beside me. Yes, beside me. I wasn’t even at the end of the line, so its not like she was curving it or something. Then after about 10 mins of waiting she says something along the lines of “was I in front of or behind you? I can’t remember”. I replied “Behind me lady”, but what I really wanted to say was “no fronties-backies!!!”.

2). Movie Theater
We’ve been to the movies in Cambrai twice and each time its been the same madness. Mass of people crowded around a half circle desk, no line. Scream out the movie you want to see to the lady at the desk, pass her your money. What adds to the madness is that you have no idea when you can go to your theater, so you’re just in this mass of people trying to push your way to the front to ask the usher if you’re allowed in yet. I’ve heard of better, more organized cinemas, but this is how we do it in Cambrai.

3). Trying on clothes
Many times there’s no line at all. Sort of a free for all with the rooms. In more organized, larger places like H&M you’ll have a line, but I’ve had the same stand-next-to-me-instead-of-behind-me thing happen at least twice. I don’t really understand why this is so hard since they’re taught to stand in perfect lines outside their classrooms until the teacher tells them they can come in. Maybe they can somehow tell I’m a foreigner and see me as an easy target.

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