What to do?

My time in France has gone by surprisingly fast. We all know I love France, but I thought being away from James would make things go by much slower. I officially have three months to decide what I’ll do once my contract is over.

Technically there is the option of renewing, but I’m not really loving the teaching gig. My school, teachers, students, etc. are all very nice, but I feel like the impact I have is minimal and I really want to start to do something with my life. I’ve been watching way too much TV online lately.

My first choice would actually be to go back to C, but at the Paris office. Before leaving they told me my only option for working there would be a localization, so thats what I’m trying for. I officially applied back in December, but they aren’t currently looking for anyone. I was told to check back at the end of February, so I’m taking that as positive. For now. If I could do this it would mean a stable income, living in Paris with James and Henry, getting married in Paris, and James would be able to go to the language school he wants to. Although this is my first choice, it seems like my biggest longshot as well.

Number two is grad school. I’m getting ready to submit my last application this week, but I’m worried about not getting in anywhere. Who knew writing an SOP could be so hard? Only a couple schools offered assistantships, so this would mean quite a bit of debt for James and I and moving to a random part of the U.S.

And thats pretty much it. If grad school doesn’t happen I’m back at square one, looking for a job. If only we could just live in Paris. And had lots of money.

James and I in Paris

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