La Chandeleur

Today is La Chandeleur, otherwise known as the day you eat crepes.

Originally a religious fete to celebrate the presentation of Jesus at the Temple, it has now turned into a joyous celebration of eating crepes. We’ve been hearing about it for at least three weeks. You’re supposed to wait until after 8 to eat them (oops, had one at the cafeteria today!) and if the cook can flip the crepe while holding a coin in his or her other hand, their family will have prosperity in the coming year. Fantastic! We also heard that the crepes are supposed to symbolize the sun, so it sort of goes along with our Groundhog’s Day.

Si fait beau et luit Chandeleur
Six semaines se cache l’ours

We were so excited about making crepes, we sort of celebrated it last Tuesday (cheating, I know), but we’re up for another round tonight!

Doug and Marion waiting for their crepes

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