Dear French Employer:

Dear French Employer:

My name is Susan and I would like to work for your company. I realize it is a million times more difficult/expensive to hire me than what it is to hire a French person or an EU citizen, but I would like to make sure you know something: I love France and I would really like to stay. I am not sure when my enthusiasm with France started, but I love everything about it. Even all the dog poop on sidewalks, stores closed on Sundays, weird tasting milk, and the rude stares–I don’t mind them a bit! To me its just all part of the fun of living in France. Along with the boulangeries, fantastic wine, and three-hour dinners. I am willing to live anywhere in France, but I do require a real salary, not like the fake one I have now, since my fiancé and dog will also be joining me. They are both really cute and will add a lot to French society. I am really trying to improve my French and would also be available to give English lessons to other employees. I am willing to work long hours (well, as long as it isn’t over the 35 hour maximum…) and do whatever you need. Just please let me stay.




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