Vacances d’Hiver, Semaine 1

I feel like all I ever post about are my vacations, but really it is quite amazing how much time we have off. During February we had our two week winter vacation and I went with a couple other assistants to the south of France, in search of warmer weather. Which did not happen. Okay, maybe a couple days in the beginning it was nice, but thank goodness I brought my hat. In order to make this trip actually affordable we decided to do couchsurfing. I know it probably sounds like a crazy idea, but it is such a good community of people! We had amazing hosts the entire time.

Anna and I started off in Marseille. Lovely and sunny when we first arrived, then it turned to rain. A nice city, but not one I’ll be running back to. Favorites from Marseille: Notre Dame de la Garde, Vieux Port, the Cathedral, and Les Iles de Frioul.

From Marseille we did a day-trip to Aix-en-Provence. Which I’m sure is absolutely beautiful in the spring, summer, and fall, but not so much in the winter. It still was a very cute town and I could see how studying/living there would be really cool. We walked around, looked at the Aix Cathedral, and then went to a really fun English bookstore/coffeehouse call Books and Bar. Highly recommended!

Next up was Avignon. One of my favorites from our trip, but the winds were insane! They call them mistrals. These ferocious winds come down the Rhone river and can happen any time of the year. I literally had to hold on my hat! The weather was also surprisingly cold. My favorite thing we saw there was the Palais des Papes (yay for free audio guides!!!).

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