Vacances d’Hiver, Semaine 2

Just found the draft of my second week of winter vaca, whoops! Here’s to another vacation in just one week! 🙂


Our second week started with Montpellier where we would meet up with Kristen.

Our first day we just wandered around the city. Most of the old town is pedestrian, with very quaint, winding streets. They have a very large, beautiful (yes, in the winter too!) botanical garden/park that we strolled by as well as an Arc de Triomphe and an aqueduct. Their Cathedral was closed by the time we arrived, but it is unique from the outside in that it has a lovely canopy over the entrance.

While in Montpellier we also took a day-trip to Nimes. Nimes is known for its Roman ruins: an arena, a temple, and a tower. We visited all three but my fav by far was the arena. Its smaller than the Colosseum in Rome, but far better preserved. And we had sweet audio guides to listen to.

Next up was Toulouse, another one of my favorite cities. Toulouse is known for its violets and pink-colored buildings. Its also a major stop on the pilgrimage of Santiago de Compostela, which I’m currently obsessed with.

Our day trip from Toulouse was to the fairytale city of Carcassonne. A-mazing. The only downside was it happened to be dreary and raining the day we planned to go.

Next we headed to the Basque Region of France, Bayonne and Biarritz. I’ve been really interested in the Basque culture since I studied it in a cultural geography class, so actually seeing it was really cool. In Bayonne we spent the day walking around the old town (notice the cute red and green shutters!), visiting the Basque museum, and drinking fantastic hot chocolate!

It rained a bit in Biarritz as well, but it was fun to walk along the beach and see the ocean. Our big trek was out to Rocher de la Vierge.


One thought on “Vacances d’Hiver, Semaine 2

  1. Wow .. !! what great pictures ! Thanks ! To me it would be very interesting if a restoration could be done to the outside of the arena .. what a showplace it could be !

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