Bien rentrée

I’m back!

All my trains and flights went well, thank goodness. The day before I left I realized my flight from Paris left at 11:10 instead of 12 (thanks for letting me know Orbitz, oh wait, you didn’t), so I was even more stressed than before. The normal 15 minute walk to the train station took me 40 minutes with all my bags. There was a point when I didn’t think I was going to make it. My bags weren’t even that big, just insanely heavy. Luckily I had plenty of nice French guys to help me along the way.

My flight from Paris to Charlotte was by far the best international flight I’ve ever had. The plane was only about half full so after we took off everyone was able to have their own row. It really made all the difference! If you’re ever flying back to the U.S. and have to make a connection, make it through Charlotte! I also met a very nice businessman who works for a company headquartered in Paris and has lived all over the world. Just what James and I want to do!

Since our flight left earlier than I expected and we arrived early, I was there with enough time to make an earlier flight to KC. I asked if I could switch and they said because I had checked bags, I couldn’t. Lame. So I stayed around in Charlotte’s airport for almost 4 hours. And guess what was waiting for me when I got to KC? (besides James and Henry!) My bags!!! They got to take the earlier flight. Ugh.

Since I’ve been back James and I have been talking about wedding stuff (his new idea is to do a weddingmoon in New Zealand) and trying to find an apartment in Madison. Already a little wedding drama on the forefront, so hopefully that ends peacefully. Otherwise we might be headed to New Zealand after all.

One thought on “Bien rentrée

  1. New Zealand is a beautiful place for a wedding. It is much better than a wedding in the US or Springfield.

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