Trip to Madison, Still No Apt…

Last week my parents and I took the almost 9 hour voyage from Springfield to Madison in hopes of finding James and I an apartment for the fall. While the city was lovely, we saw a lot of apartments that weren’t. Ick. My dad wouldn’t even walk into some of them. I’ve forgotten what college living is like…

Out of all the ones we saw, two were livable. We put our application in for both of them, but somehow, amazingly, neither of them worked out. The first one already had a security deposit on it when we applied (thanks for telling us!) and the second one thought the place was two small for two people (whatever!). So we’re still searching the Internet for places and have found two more, but without pictures I’m terrified to commit to something. Anyone ever rent an apartment without seeing it first?

Not much movement on the wedding front either. James and I are looking at a few places this weekend and early next week before I head back to Springfield. I think we’d really like to do a loft in the Crossroads next June. So many things to do!

Last night James and I went out for his birthday to a favorite KC restaurant for drinks and their assiette de fromage: Le Fou Frog! Its so cute and eclectic, I just love it. Their decorations are the best with a million different French and frog things. James claims it looks like my old apartment…


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