BIG decision day today!

And a lot of money spent.

1). My mom and I ordered my wedding dress today! Fast, right? It was actually the second dress I tried on, and really, its exactly what I wanted. No details on here though since a one Mr. James has been known to read it.

2). James booked our reception (and possibly ceremony) venue: the super-fun Arts Incubator!! Crazy people are already booking for next June, and we got the last Saturday available–June 18th. It wasn’t our first choice, but pretty close. We don’t really know what we’ll do for the ceremony yet since we’d be a little crowded doing both. Minor details. 😉

3). Decided on an apartment! We had to mail the application, etc. so I hope its still available. I’m majorly looking forward to our apartment hunt being over.

On a French note, James and I are planning to rent Coco Avant Chanel this weekend. Can you believe Redbox has it? Très cool!

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