Middlebury Language Camp

I haven’t been doing anything super french-ified lately (lame), but James IS!

He left yesterday (sad face) for Middlebury College to participate in their summer language immersion program. Its seven weeks and you can choose from a whole list of languages (everything from Chinese to Arabic to Spanish), and James chose French. YAY! You are completely immersed in the language whether you’re an absolute beginner or fluent. You stay in the dorms and live with your language group and do pretty much everything together. Here’s the kicker though, you have to make a pledge that you’ll only speak your target language. Yikes! The program has gotten super reviews though and have plenty of out-of-class activities to make things fun. I can’t wait until James learns to cook Creole food! Oh, and they also have a weekend trip to Montreal!

Obviously, I’m super jealous.


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