Paris Match

Paris Match: my all-time favorite French magazine. Its published weekly and has the most amazing photographs you’ll find in any French magazine. With topics ranging from national and international news to celebrity features, it has everything you could ask for! Plus a crossword puzzle!

I first heard about Paris Match at an Alliance Francaise class and then found them at a small French bookstore in Chicago (for quite the price!).  I bought a few of them when I was in Cambrai, but never managed to read all the articles. Which leads me to my first French goal of the summer (a little late, I know): read all my Paris Match magazines! Hmm…that may be a little bold. How about two?

In other news James and I officially have an apartment in Madison! Our new landlord sent us pictures, but we’ve yet to actually see the place. I’m planning a trip back up to Madison with my parents later in the week, so we’re going to try to take a peak. Our place is two blocks from a big park and two blocks to Lake Monona, so I’m hopeful its as super-fun as I’ve imagined.

Not too much news on the wedding front. We’ve decided to go ahead with a Catholic wedding and do our marriage prep in Madison. Right now we’re “penciled-in” at Saint Gabriel’s in Kansas City, but they won’t let us make if official until we’ve actually signed up for marriage prep. Lame. I think I’ve finally decided on our colors (yay!) and I’m super excited for Kim to visit at the end of the month to model some bridesmaids dress! 🙂


One thought on “Paris Match

  1. Me too!! (can’t wait, that is:). I shall prepare to put my best dress-modeling foot forward! Chacos go with evening gowns, right..? 🙂

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