UW-Professional French Masters Program

So this is the grad program I chose! And I could not be more excited about starting!

I actually came across this program a few years ago when one of my MO State French professors told me he went to UW-Madison and really loved it there. It sounded like a great program then as well, but I had my sights set on working for a large, international company and moving to Paris. Little did I know how that would turn out.

Anyways! They program is quite small, they only admit 8-12 students each year and you get to choose to concentrate in one of six areas. I chose International Education because my current dream job is to live in France and work with foreign students coming to France and getting French students to the U.S. Sounds great, right?! This program is unique in that its one of the only Masters programs that allows you to focus in French with the end goal being something other than teaching. C’est parfait!

The coursework all takes place within the first year, so I’m betting on being really busy! The classes consist of advanced grammar and conversation, a practicum, and any elective courses you can justify. The first semester of the second year in an internship in a francophone country and then your last semester is preparing your oral presentation. FUN! I’m already really excited about the idea of going back to France. (And hopefully taking James with me!)

Every semester they do a really fun newsletter with updates from alumni and what happened in the past semester. Here’s the latest. Hopefully I’ll make it in someday!

Everyone I’ve talked to with the program has been extremely nice and helpful, so if you’re looking for a great masters program–check this one out! πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “UW-Professional French Masters Program

  1. Hey there! I am also a Francophile and seriously considering this grad program. You are right, it sounds perfect! Anyways, any advice you would like to give out to a prospective student in regards to the statement of purpose? That is the part I am freaking out about right now… Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Diana! It really is a wonderful program! I wouldn’t fret too much about your statement of purpose, just make sure to include what concentration you want to do and why. They like to hear about what you want to do/what kind of job you want to have after the program. Bon courage!! πŸ™‚

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