Champs-Elysées Audio Magazine

Champs-Elysées Audio Magazine has gone out of business! 😦

I’ve never been a subscriber (maybe thats why they went out of business, hmm….), it really was a great way to do listen comprehension and learn a bit about French culture. I was first introduced to them in my Alliance Francaise class last summer, and went to look them up again yesterday. Poof, gone! I’m hoping they’re able to post some archived recordings soon for us to enjoy. In the meantime, does a great job of organizing other listening comprehension links. I listened to this one yesterday where a cute old guy talks about his love life. Gotta love the French! 🙂

Things are fairly calm chez moi. My mom and I are designing the centerpieces for the wedding, which will hopefully turn out the right mixture of eclectic and vintage. Right now we’re just working on finding all of the vases and deciding on the flower colors. I’m secretly (?) trying to make things as French as possible without it being obvious.

Oh! A few pics coming soon from James’s Bastille Day celebration in Middlebury.

Only about a month until we move to Wisconsin!! WEE!!


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