Kim comes to the Ozarks!

My parents have season tickets to Silver Dollar City (if you haven’t experienced the wonder that is SDC, check out their website), and every so often they get free tickets. Since Kim has never been (and never been to Springfield, MO) we decided a trip was in order. Not to mention we’re on a major bridesmaid dress hunt.

We did everything typically Springfield/Branson I could think of in approx. 3 days. Bass Pro, Missouri State, outlet shopping, SDC, Battlefield Mall, Pineapple Whip, Mud Lounge, Gailey’s. Plus, we found a great contender for the bridesmaid dress. YAY! A great week for sure.

MO State!

watch out Kim!



One thought on “Kim comes to the Ozarks!

  1. SUSAN RULES! Best. tour guide. ever. THANK YOU again for hosting! Scary Bass Pro bear gives me nightmares, but besides that, all’s well:). hehe. Thanks so much again for showing me around everywhere/everything– Pineapple Whip is still calling my name. Can’t wait to see you again in a few weeks! A bien tot!

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