Madison, WI: Home Sweet Home

We’re here!

We drove from KC last Friday and things went fairly smoothly until we hit a major rainstorm in Madison. (Btw: who knew Dubuque, IA was so pretty? Definitely making a stop there on our next trip back to KC.) By the time we found our apartment the rain had stopped and we were able to get all our stuff in before it started up again. Oh, and our apt is really cute! Not fancy by any means (our oven is so small the pizza pan won’t fit) but totally livable for a year. Plus there’s tons of closet space! We’re still unpacking a few things, but I’ll get some pics up soon.

We’ve been going on fairly long walks every evening to explore the area (and b/c we don’t have Internet or cable). We’re located on the southwest side of the Isthmus, closest to Lake Monona.

sunset on Lake Monona (picture by James)

Can you believe this completely freezes in the winter? You can drive your car on it and go ice fishing!

Henry has taken a while to get adjusted (we had a barking complaint the first night…eek!) but I think he’s getting better. Our only problem is we live on a main street, so there’s lots of traffic. And by traffic I mean garbage trucks which he loathes.

I’ll try to posts more pics soon!!!


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