Orientation, First Day of Class, and Taste of Madison

Things have been crazy!!

Well, maybe not that crazy, but 100% busier than normal. I had orientation for my grad program Monday-Wednesday of this past week. It was nice to finally meet the other students in my program (two more doing international education!) and to really get things started. I still feel somewhat inadequate (I have to write how many research papers in French?!?), but James assures me that it will be fine. Just really overwhelming at the beginning.

Thursday was my first day of class and I already have about a million pages to read. Eek. This semester I’m trying to do a practicum where I would work in the International Academic Programs office and do some reading/projects/papers along with it to get credit. I still haven’t heard back if I’ve received the spot, but should know by next week. No, I don’t get paid. 😦

The highlight of today for us was the Taste of Madison festival on the Capitol Square. Its a festival held over Labor Day weekend each year where local (and national) restaurants sell small portions of their food in little booths lining the square. Plus its free to get in! James and I sampled a few things (nothing particularly Madisonian). A couple of restaurants we’re saving up to check out: State Street Brats and The Oldfashioned.

Upcoming blog post: Bark Off (yes we bought it)


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