Bark Off

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we received a barking complaint the first night we moved into our new apartment (thanks for the welcome neighbors). James’s mom told us about this anti-barking collar you can get that sprays citronella when they bark. We looked it up online and it got decent reviews, but costs like $45. Eek. So we happened to be in Petsmart getting Henry some more food when James saw Bark Off, and for $10 we decided to give it a try.

If you haven’t seen the tv promos, Bark Off is this little device that when a dog barks it makes a high-pitched-audible-to-dogs-only noise that is uncomfortable for them. No citronella or shocking involved. Well…

1). James and I must have super hearing because we can definitely hear the high pitched noise.
2). Coicidently, it also works on humans since now James and I whisper to each other so we don’t set it off.
3). Every once in a while Henry will take to actually barking at the Bark Off.
4). Sometimes we forget to turn it on and just make the high-pitched noises at Henry ourselves.

Overall its not bad, Henry was quite scared of it at first and he is probably more likely to stop after one bark now, but there’s definitely still barking. We haven’t had any more complaints though, so we’re sort of over it.

One thought on “Bark Off

  1. AHAHAHA. My favorite is definitely #4. I hope to witness this in November:). Also, I’m all for being “over it.” Sometimes it’s all about the attitude:).

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