Badgers, Obama, and Marriage Prep

Quite the combo, I know!

Last weekend James and I decided we should break down and buy football tickets so we could experience Camp Randall before it gets extremely cold. We bought tickets off Craig’s List for the game against poor little Austin Peay. Since we didn’t really have any UW gear, we did a little shopping on State Street as well (see picture below). The game was SO much fun! It didn’t hurt that we scored a touchdown almost every time we had the ball. Final score: 70-3. 🙂 Go Badgers!!!

go badgers!!

the start of the game

student section

our walk home after the game

The most exciting news from last week is that President Barack Obama came to campus!! I was so super excited when I found out (I actually thought it was fake at first…lol). I met James right after my class and we sort of sneaked to the front of the line. Really, it wasn’t much of a line we just joined in with the masses. Our spot was fairly good at first but this girl was always pushing up on me and I had these super tall guys standing in front of me. Then suddenly I started to feel sick. Like throw-up sick. Or pass-out sick. James took one look at me and dragged me out of the the ever-growing crowd of people (apparently I was ever paler than normal). So we took a little breather and bought a crappy hot dog while we waited some more for the President. When he finally came on we couldn’t really see him, I felt so bad for being such a wuss! But then these guys turned over a trash can and let us stand on it so we could see Obama. Amazing! (Btw: When did his hair get so grey? Maybe while I was in France…)

Mr. President! (photo taken by Guillaume, French tutor extraordinaire)

In wedding news we booked the caterer and an engagement photographer here in Madison. I’m still searching for a florist, but I think I might just have HyVee do it. Is that tacky? James and I survived our first marriage prep session this weekend, with a certificate to prove it! I was nervous at first that we’d have to divulge all sorts of personal information in front of a large group, but it wasn’t like that at all. Individual reflection, then discussion as a couple–easy! James made jokes the whole time and I spilled ice all over the table during lunch, but otherwise we did just fine.


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