Doner Divas Reunion: Mad-City

This past weekend my two BFFs visited Madison! We try to visit each other once a year since we’ve all be moving different places recently (our last reunion was in Boulder, CO). I was so excited when Southwest Airlines had a sale earlier in the summer and they decided to plan a visit! Our social group here really just consists of the people in my grad program, so it was nice to have some friends from home to explore the city with.

The only slight bummer about the weekend was the weather: cold, rainy, cloudy. Ick. But they were troopers and we walked around campus, by the lake, and up State Street to the Capitol. Saturday night we tried to go to James and mine’s latest find, a bar named Genna’s, but it was super packed and there was no place for us to sit, so we went to Brocach, an Irish pub on the square, instead. It was so much fun to catch up on their lives and to be around people who really know you. And of course family-style dinners!

Sunday we went to the art museum on campus (which turned out to be..umm…intersting) and then to a fantastic little cafe called Daisy’s Cafe and Cupcakery. It was SO cute and the food was fantastic! They have all sorts of cupcake flavors and their food is creative as well. I had the chicken and gorgonzola meatloaf and a chocolate cupcake with blueberry icing. YUM! I swear I saw a cupcake with bacon on it though! I’ll be taking my mom here when she visits for sure.

Kim and Abby left super early Monday morning. Sad face. I miss having close friends around. Did I already say that? Our next reunion will be for the wedding in June!


One thought on “Doner Divas Reunion: Mad-City

  1. Why is it over!? I LOVED seeing you guys (three cheers for the family dinners:). Can’t wait for this summer. Thanks for the great blogging and photo-posting! Talk to ya soon fo sho!

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