Wedding Post #1: Attire

My first post of a wedding mini-series: what we wore!

Groom, Groomsmen, Dads:
Everyone assumes black, but James wanted something different. I must say, I LOVE the grey! To me it looks classy and summery. Nice pick boys! 🙂 We decided to keep the vest/tie combo simple, sticking with grey for the groomsmen and ivory for James.

Our Dads stuck with the more traditional black tux, but kept the grey vest/tie to coordinate.

During Kim’s (my MOH) trip to Springfield last summer, we did a marathon of bridesmaid dress trying-on. She was such a sport! And tried on no fewer than 15 dresses. I had a one-shoulder in mind and when she tried on this Mori Lee number, we knew it was the one. At this point I was also fairly set on our colors being coral and mint green, so we were in luck that it came in the right color! My mom worked her magic and made them knee-length.

These proved to be the hardest to find. There really is a fine line between old lady and bridesmaid when it comes to MOB/MOG dresses. Our moms managed to find their dresses a couple months before the wedding and coordinated them beautifully. Very lovely!



Flower Girls and Ring Bearer:
My mom had her heart set on making Gracie’s dress, so we found a similar style through Jordan Fashion’s line of flower girl dresses for Sydney (who lives about 3 hrs away from my mom). They look remarkable the same and exactly what I imagined! Soo cute!

Max, our ring bearer, was a mini-version of James!

My dress:
I started looking for my dress way back in my Cambrai life. I knew I wanted something in lace and a more fitted silhouette (us petite girls drown in ball gowns…trust me). The dress I decided on was the second dress I tried on, I just loved it! Strapless dresses have rarely been super comfortable or stationary for extended periods of time (I tend to do the “pull up” routine), so I was also in love with the lacey straps. We put a trumpet slip underneath and voila! my dress was complete. 🙂


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