Wedding Post #2: Accessories

It’s all about the details, right? (You’ll find what wedding rings we chose in the ceremony post. Oh, and the flowers will be somewhere else as well…)

Bridesmaid Jewelry:

The girls wore silvery jewelry and shoes to coordinate with their mint green dresses. I mean, what else goes with mint green?

I saw the bracelets a while back and thought it mimicked the layering in their dresses:

I actually “made” their rings (“made” because really all it involved was me super-gluing the flower to the ring…). I loved these rings on Etsy and probably would’ve made one for myself had the supplies not come in sets of 4…

Lastly are the earrings, which took me forever to decide on. I finally found these at Kohls and thought they were classic and went nicely with the other two pieces. James told me they look like coins.

Flower Girls:

Sydney and Gracie sported bracelets that I made to match their dresses, which included a little flower and their initial charms. Sydney also wore a coral fabric flower in her hair made by my mom. (Gracie had one as well, but her thin little hairs wouldn’t hold it!)


My wedding gift to James was a pair of vintage map cufflinks (London and Paris, of course). I decided on them basically at the last minute and the Etsy seller was fantastic enough to get them to me in time. They turned out awesome!

From the beginning, James wanted to wear blue shoes. I think he thought that I would say no, but really, I thought it was fun. (Plus I was planning on a blue-ish shoe myself, how could I say no?) It was surprisingly hard to find blue dress shoes, but in the end, he settled on these!


Most of my things were planned out quite a bit in advance, the only thing I changed my mind on since the very beginning was my veil.

My earrings were salt-water pearls that I purchased when I went to China in 2007. They were pricer than the fresh-water kind, so they’ve sort of been my “only for special occasions” earrings. Which means I’ve hardly worn them. 🙂

My necklace was given to me by my Grandma Ethel before she died. I always knew I would wear it on my wedding day, no matter what dress I had on. When I was little and she babysat me, we would play “wedding”. I was always the bride (of course) and she walked me down the aisle. We probably played this game a million times. I would’ve given just about anything to have her there on my wedding day, but I know she was with us in spirit.

Hair and Veil
I’ve always felt like I look better with my hair down, but June in KC is hot and humid, so that was not an option. So I went for a fairly simple up-do, adding in fabric flowers made by my mom (are you starting to see the theme yet? 🙂 ).

A year ago when we were first starting to really plan this shin-dig, I had my heart set on a bird-cage veil. They seemed so trendy and cool! (Seemed? I still think they are!) But the more I thought about it, the more I couldn’t figure out how it would work. Would my eyes be covered the whole time? Or would James move it back? In January I went back to visit my parents and tried on a couple veils with my dress, and fell in love with a single-tiered fingertip veil with lace just along the bottom. You wouldn’t believe how much it cost! My mom being the crafter/seamstress that she is pulled off a beautiful version for a fraction of the price.

Here’s wear the fabric flowers make yet another appearance! My shoe in general was fairly basic, but we added the flowers to make it my “something blue”. I thought about doing my whole shoe in blue, but I’m glad I went with this option instead.


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