Wedding Post #3: Flowers

A year ago we had grand plans of doing all our own flowers to save some money. How hard could it be? Order some flowers from an online wholesaler, keep them alive for a couple days, arrange and voila! beautiful bouquets and centerpieces.

During my spring break trip home we decided that maybe this wasn’t the best idea after all. For a smaller wedding: yes. If you had a huge refrigerator and lots of time on your hands: yes. If the bride lives in the city she’s getting married in: yes. We couldn’t answer “yes” to any of these.

Since we were already planning on getting my bouquet and a few other things from a florist, we were able to add on the rest of the wedding. Even though I wouldn’t recommend the florist we used (missing boutonnieres, different flowers than what I asked for, super-heavy bridal bouquet, not quite the right color for the bridesmaid bouquets), the flowers we had were absolutely gorgeous.

With everything that ended up happening with our reception site (story coming soon!), we’re so lucky we didn’t try to do this ourselves.


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