Milwaukee with the Feess Fam

Taking a little break from the wedding blogging, I thought I’d blog about the Feess Fam coming to Wisconsin!

This time we met them in Milwaukee, which turned out to be a wonderful decision (everything was planned by James’s travel-savvy mom). We met them at the hotel on Friday night after work, chatted, then headed to a fantastic Italian restaurant for dinner.

walking along the river Friday night

family photo!

On Saturday we rode the trolley around downtown, went to the art museum, ate lunch the Milwaukee Ale House, shopped in the Third Ward (definitely my favorite area of Milwaukee!), and walked around Bastille Days. Bastille Days is supposed to be an outdoor French festival, but the only French thing I ever saw was a mini-replica of the Eiffel Tower. It was super crowded so we just ate some gelatto and headed back.

getting ready to catch the trolley

trolley ride!

Milwaukee River (& fancy boats!)

Before their flight left on Sunday and we had to be back to pick Henry up at the kennel, we managed to squeeze in a Miller brewery tour and lunch back in the Third Ward. It was a fantastic weekend and wonderful to see the in-laws! We’re SO lucky to have such a wonderful family!

beer garden after our brewery tour

On a side note: I bought my plane ticket for Paris! I’ll post more once I actually have my visa, but I’ll be back in France in less than a month!

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