Wedding Post #5: Reception

Reception: Arts Incubator River Market Event Place

We received an email about a week and half before our wedding: the Arts Incubator had been shut down by the fire marshall. WHAT!?!? I couldn’t believe it…what were we supposed to do? How could we find a place on such short notice? How will all our guests know where to go? Plus we loved the Arts Incubator. To make matters worse, I was in Wisconsin and feeling extremely helpless. One of our student workers said, “This is crazy! It’s like we’re in a movie!”.

I still can’t believe James’s mom and sister found the place they did. The way they sprang into action was amazing! They visited a lot of places in a matter of days, most of which wouldn’t work for one reason or another (in the ghetto, too small, etc). Then we found out the River Market Event Place happened to have our date open. The only Saturday open for the rest of the year. They cut an amazing last-minute deal for us, and James’s mom booked it about a week before the wedding.

Everyone at the River Market Event Place (RMEP) was wonderful to work with and helped us get rentals booked just days before the wedding. While it really wouldn’t have been in our budget had it not been for our last minute deal, I couldn’t recommend them more. They did a lot of extra work to make sure our reception was perfect.

On the day of the wedding we all met up at the RMEP and it’s where James and I had our “first look”. One of my favorite features was the bridal nest.

We were running behind schedule (which I actually sort of planned on…) and of course there was tons of traffic, but we managed to get some pictures at the Nelson, a few downtown shots, and some around the River Market area.

After all our bridal party pictures we headed to the ceremony!

We took a bunch of formal pictures right after the ceremony while our guested went to the reception and started in on mingling and drinking.

When we were almost to the reception, we noticed that the parking lot where all of our guests would be parking was blocked off by police tape. I mean a huge bus-commuter parking lot. And tons of police vans and police cars. When we pulled up our security guard told us everyone had found alternate parking and our event would not be effected. (Turns out someone spotted a “suspicious package” in the parking lot, and they had to detonate it.)

For our big entrance we walked into Birdland by Weather Report. James and I both took a jazz class at Missouri State and fell in love with a bunch of songs. To me Birdland sounds like the theme music of a 70s sitcom and I love it.

Our first dance was to La Vie en Rose by Louis Armstrong. I’ve always loved the tune and we felt like the jazzy, English version went better with the reception than Edith’s original.

My dad and I danced to The Way You Look Tonight by Frank Sinatra. My dad loves Frank, but not dancing, so this was a way to get him on board with the idea. I’m so glad he agreed to do it. 🙂

James and his mom had a hard time picking out a song. There just aren’t that many great mother/son songs. They finally decided on You’ll Be In My Heart by Phil Collins, which is such a sweet song.

Soon after we cut the cake (white and red velvet, yum!). One of my favorite details of the whole wedding is the cake topper. I found a lady on Etsy (there are actually quite a few sellers now) who customize them to match you. Add in a little Henry dog, and I couldn’t resist.

Then came the bouquet toss and the Dollar Dance.

The rest of the night went by in a blur. We tried to have a balance of talking to people and dancing, but I know there are a lot of people we didn’t spend near enough time with. Everyone told me the night goes by super fast, and it’s SO true!

Even with everything that happened, I can honestly say it was a perfect, magical night.

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