Wedding Post #6: Pre-wedding Events

And the wedding posts keep coming…:) This will probably be the last one for a while since my internship starts on Thursday and I need to start doing schoolwork again (lame!). I still hope to share some of the things we made/designed someday.

On to our pre-wedding events! I’m lucky to have SO many caring people in my life. We had quite the number of pre-wedding events (maybe this should’ve been my first post?) and each of them were super fun.

Bridal Shower:

James’s mom’s friends threw me a bridal shower in the spring. What was the theme? France, of course! I absolutely LOVED it! The food was fabulous and the game was really fun as well. I was super nervous for basically the whole shower (why?!), but I enjoyed every minute of it. I think I should’ve worn the dress they made, no?

yummy food!

team veil and bouquet

team bodice

team skirt

what a lovely creation!

the hostesses

Bachelorette Party:
Kim, my MOH, planned a fantastic girl’s night out! Since the majority of us do not live in KC, Kim had quite the limitations to work with! We started off with drinks and appetizers at The Drop (one of my favorite places!) and then went back to Kim’s for snacks and games. I had SO much fun hanging out with everyone, laughing, and sharing stories. They created a recipe book for me and a “Wedding Day Wishes” book. SO sweet! I could never thank Kim (and her mom!) enough for hosting all of us at their house, basically letting us take over for the entire weekend. It was absolutely perfect. 🙂

at The Drop

back at Kim's house!

post recipe book creation

Bridesmaid Luncheon:

My aunts who live in Texas and southeast Missouri hosted a lovely Bridesmaid Luncheon for us the day before the wedding. Not familiar with the Bridesmaid Luncheon? It’s basically a fancy(ish) lunch that gives the ladies on both sides of the family and a chance to meet and get to know each other. There are no presents, no games. Just a nice leisurely lunch for the ladies. My aunts did an amazing job planning the luncheon from afar and decided on having it at the delicious Californos in Westport. The food was super yummy and a nice way to spend more time with the ladies of the fam.

with my mom and aunts


Rehearsal Dinner:

Our rehearsal dinner was at Smokehouse BBQ, hosted by James’s parents and planned by his mom. The restaurant choice was really perfect, I mean, who doesn’t love KC bbq?! We had a private room and cocktails to start off with, followed by dinner and fabulous desserts (yummy coconut macaroons!). James’s dad gave a really sweet speech and then proceed to give the floor to our bridal party. I can say almost certainly that they weren’t expecting it, I know I wasn’t! Everyone told heartfelt, funny stories, which made for a lovely pre-wedding evening.

the guys with their gifts

the girls with their gifts

Staebel fam

Feess fam

Next up: Our first days in Paris!

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