We’re here!

I arrived about a week ago and James just got in. I’ve been spending the last week slowly navigating my way around our neighborhood, but now I’m so excited to have someone to go exploring with! Our (teeny) apartment is located in the 11th arrondisement in the Saint-Ambroise neighborhood. While it’s quite small and on the 7th floor (no elevator!), I’m really starting to love it. I mean, how much space does a person really need…

living room/bedroom/office

entry way

our spacious kitchen

one of our two balconies

view from our window

Eglise Saint Ambroise

I visited where I’ll be working this morning and met my supervisor for the first time. He is super nice and extremely helpful with all the administrative things that comes with moving and working in a new country. He’s from the North (not far from where I taught English!) and I can see that he really loves his job. I’m still quite nervous about starting on Thursday, but I have a good feeling about this internship!

One thought on “Saint-Ambroise

  1. LOVE THIS!!! Les photos sont magnifiques!! Can’t wait to see and hear more:). Felicitations, Sue… ta nouvelle vie = un reve fantastique!

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