Dearest Henry Pooper

My sweet Henry,

I miss you so much. I imagine us walking around Paris together every day, you would really love it here! There are so many dogs on our block that you could be friends with. Please don’t be mad at me for not bringing you. Oh, and please don’t forget about me either.


the lady who loves you and taught you how to roll-over


One thought on “Dearest Henry Pooper

  1. Le Petit Henri will never forget you! Just ask your parents to leave some of your old socks secretly hidden about the house… it will be the perfect memory/surprise pour Lui, Qui Est Sur La Table! (Also, I got miserably behind on my blog-tracking while afflicted with the deadly flu. Now I’m back and I love your recent Parisian posts! I’ve learned so much already!) A bientot!

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