Day trip to Rouen

After being in France for a little over a month, James and I thought it was high time we got out of the city. After all, according to my boss, no one stays in the city over the weekend. James often works at least one day on the weekend, so we took a chance and decided to go on a Sunday and hoped that at least some stores/attractions would be open.

Our day trip of choice was to Rouen, a charming town an hour north of Paris in the Normandy region. It’s known for it’s cathedral (famously painted by Monet), quaint half-timbered buildings, and of course the execution of Joan of Arc.

Rouen's fancy cathdral

love how the stained glass is reflected

super cute buildings

When planned our arrival to be around noon and by the time we found the tourism office (closed on Sundays, thank you France) it was a little before 1pm. We were surprised that every restaurant we passed was closed. Rouen was cute, but we were a little nervous about how we would actually spend our whole day (and what we would find to eat!). And then we came across the Fête du ventre et de la gastronomie normande!

It was a fantastic festival of all food particular to Normandy. James and I tried cider, sausage, a normandy rose (basically a funnel cake with apple inside), local beer, spice bread, macarons, and hot chocolate. YUM!!

delicious food


yummy macarons!


Next we took a audio-guided (love those!) tour of the Gros Horloge in the center of Rouen. Definitely worth the 3 euros!

gros horloge

taken from inside the gros horloge

By this time our day was almost over. We thought there might be fun restaurants along the Seine, but it was actually quite lame there.

En gros, a fantastic day trip! Highly recommended! 🙂

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