Autumn in Paris

Isn’t autumn everyone’s favorite time of year? I just love it when the weather starts to get cool and the leaves change color. Plus it means the holidays are just around corner! Paris has been feeling like autumn for a few weeks now with lots of rainy, overcast days.

James and I venture out nonetheless (although our umbrella has definitely taken a beating). One my favorite places to wander in Paris is the Luxembourg Gardens. A lovely place to take a stroll, as long as you don’t mind a million little kids playing, and more manageable than the Bois de Vincennes (where I feel like I could get lost and no one would find me for days…it really is a forest). I wanted to see some fall colors (the leaves in our neighborhood managed to just turn brown and fall), while James’s goal was to find where French in Action was filmed.

While in the neighborhood, we made the obligatory, anglophone stop at Shakespeare & Co. It was super crowded so we just peaked in.

Another one of our Sunday strolls was along the Canal St. Martin. Probably not a place to be at night by yourself and maybe not particularly that beautiful, it was fun to see another part of Paris. We walked from our place until we had to turn back for James to do some work, but I think the further north you go, the prettier it gets. (I mean, they do have boat rides when it’s warm…) Plus I bet it’s really fun in the summer.

On the way home we stopped at Antoine & Lili, what a cute store!


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