Sunday at the marché

Last weekend we finally made it to our neighborhood farmer’s market, and it was SO fun! We attempted to go not long after we got to Paris, but didn’t realize it was on Sunday, not Saturday. Oops! The closest market to us is located near the Bastille, about a 10 min walk from our place, and is one of the largest in Paris.

I’m always super nervous about buying things at a farmer’s market in France. Will they understand me? What if they ask me something I don’t understand? Do I order in kilos or by how many I want? (and how much is a kilo of something?!)

Thankfully everyone was super nice to us and we got everything on our list. (Plus an onion that the lady insisted we buy if we were getting potatoes and carrrots…oui d’accord.) I always feel a great sense of accomplishment when I have the slightest interaction with a real French person. It’s like, I just said a bunch of funny words, and they actually understood me. Amazing!

our purchases


One thought on “Sunday at the marché

  1. WOW!! Bien fait! I totally remember that “OMG, now I have to actually talk to this vender!!” feeling. That actually prevented many-a-spontaneous purchase on my part. What great pics of le marche, aussi:)!

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