Last Saturday was my 27th birthday! I’m now officially embracing my upper-twenties status. During the day we had planned to go out to lunch, courtesy of James’s boss, but he had some work stuff come up, so I basically spent the afternoon on the metro. WEEE! (just kidding…)

For my birthday dinner, James and I decided to try out the little restaurant on our block that opened about a month ago called Square Gardette (although you would never know the same since they haven’t actually got around to putting a sign up). I walk pass it every day, so I was exciting to finally go inside!

pre-dinner, sporting the famous Kookai "trash bag" dress and my "fancy" cardigan (also pictured: our Christmas tree!)

Then…we almost didn’t. Who knew we needed to make a reservation?!?! I walk by this place twice a day a there is never more than five people in it. Luckily for us, the owner lady is super nice and made room for us at someone else’s table (seriously!).

It true French fashion, there were only two-three choices for each course. We both started off with a sort of legumes salad that was, let’s say, interesting (the only vegetables I could identify for certain were beets).

Our main dishes were much better though! I tried the cod with cauliflower purée and James had lamb with carrot purée (they sure do love their purées here!).


with our dinner guest, the lamp (can you see our table-mates??)

And for dessert: moelleux au chocolat with passion fruit sauce! Moelleux au chocolat is no normal chocolate cake, but one with warm chocolate sauce in the middle. Yum!! (So good I didn’t manage to get a pic…sorry!)

I’ve come to realize that I really don’t like French food all that much (I’ll pass on eating the meat from who-knows-where and take enchilades instead, merci), but I do LOVE French desserts! It’s so hard to pass up a tarte aux fraises or a macaron caramel au beurre salé.

We had planned on going out for drinks afterward, but a girl we know planned a Thanksgiving weekend in Orléans (dang you, Thanksgiving!), so basically everyone was out of town. That and our dinner finished around 11:30pm.

Next up: Disneyland Paris!!


One thought on “vingt-sept

  1. Did you say “macaron en caramel au beurre sale?” It’s ON! That din sounds fab. And the mystery tablemates= tres Euro:). Quel anniversaire!!

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