Monsieur Mickey Mouse

Sleeping Beauty's Castle

Did you know that you can go to Disneyland Paris for FREE the week of your birthday? I know, I thought it was a scam too, but it totally works! Its a marketing program from RATP(Paris transportation) since most people take the RER out to Disneyland.

James and I decided to give it a try after I was able to get him a discounted ticket from my work. Who goes to Disneyland at the end of November anyways?!

Ummm…everyone! I was really surprised at the number of people that were there. (And I’m sure it was still nothing compared to how many come in the summer.) A lot of big/popular rides had around an hour wait. Lame! So we mainly stuck to rides that had 1/2 hour or less wait and still managed to go on a bunch.

James was really looking forward to the teacups:



a Mark Twain riverboat?!

cute house, giant beanstalk

being adventurous

Part of me kept forgetting that we were still in France. Main Street, USA, yes!! Wait…why is everyone still speaking French?

Main Street

The only bummer of the day was we missed the Christmas parade! Who has a light parade at 5pm anyways? It’s not even completely dark then! I was lamenting about not seeing Mickey, when a tree-lighting show started (so that’s what everyone was standing around for!). They sang a couple of cute Christmas songs and we waved at Mickey.

Bonsoir, Mickey!!

After that, we fought our way through the crowds to buy a Christmas ornament, then headed home on the RER.

an addition to our little tree!


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