Christmas Lights

I’ve already shared a pic of our sweet little Christmas tree (we’re up to two ornaments now!), but I also want to share some of the fancier decorations we’ve seen around Paris.

The Champs Elysees this year is a bit different, and honestly, I’m not really a huge fan. The lights are LED so they use a LOT less energy than previous years (totally awesome) AND they change colors (weee!!), but I feel like they kind of blend in with all the car lights and stores. Maybe if there were five hula-hoops on each tree???

Ahhh…Place de la Concorde. It will always remind me of when James proposed. I love the ferris wheel they put up randomly throughout the year and the view down the Champs Elysees.

Last weekend we went out with another couple to look at the windows displays at Galeries Lafayette and Printemps (Bon Marché is still on our list!). These giant department stores didn’t disappoint, but I’d have to declare Printemps the winner.

Here are a few of my favs from Printemps:

my #1 fav!

a dozen Karl Lagerfelds taking pictures all over Paris? A close second...:)

Galeries Lafayette’s amazing Christmas tree:

Their theme was Rock ‘n Mode, so their windows told the story of a band becoming famous. Ehh. Kids seemed to love it though!

hair and make-up time

photo shoot!

fancy lights outside

Coming up: our weekend trip to Metz!


One thought on “Christmas Lights

  1. Wow, great pics! (did you take all of those? They look pro!) Haha, I totally agree about the “Hula hoop trees”:). Christmas in Paris looks pretty magical… Have you seen any Marches de Noel? Ever since Strasbourg, I’ve been slightly fixated on this phenomenon… someday I shall witness it personally!

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