Ice skating at the Hôtel de Ville

First off let me say, I am a terrible ice skater. It wasn’t something my family did when I was little, so I just never mastered the whole balance thing. James, on the other hand, is amazing (thank you roller hockey!) and let’s me hold on to him. What a guy!

Every December-ish they put up an ice skating rink outside the Hôtel de Ville, fun! If you have your own ice skates is free, but they also have ice skates to rent for 5 euros. Not too bad! Plus there’s no time limit, so you could skate all day if you wanted.

The only surprise for us was the gants obligatoires sign. Really? Gloves are a must? James didn’t bring his (who needs gloves, its 50 degrees out!), so we ended up buying a really crappy pair off the street. France always has a way of tricking you…

We waited in line a little over half an hour to get our ice skates, and then we were off! Well, it seemed that way to me, but James claims we weren’t going very fast. Haha! The patinoire was super crowded though, so falling seemed extra scary.

After skating for a while, we decided to get some fancy hot chocolate at Café Angelina. But there was a huge line to get in…boo! Instead we walked to the Place Vendôme to look at the lights and all the fancy jewelry. (Followed by ice cream at McDonalds, it’s just like home!)


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