Our first Christmas as Mr. & Mrs.

And it was magnifique!

James had to work a bit super early in the morning (6am!!), but when he got home we opened up our gifts to each other and had pancakes with (real!) maple syrup! Yum! (Tidbit: if you’re looking for maple syrup in France, you can find it at just about every Franprix or Monoprix. Look in the honey and/or jam aisles. It’ll be the store brand and a little pricey, but it’s delicious!)

James went over a bit (a lot) on our 15 euro limit and gave me Burberry The Beat perfume (now I can stop going in every Sephora I see just to put it on!) and a gorgeous purse hook (do you use one of these when you go out to eat?).

I gave James a scale model of a hot-air balloon from the Musée des arts et métiers. It’s on our tree now, but I think we might try to find a more permanent spot.

Since we were both so good this year, Santa also brought us some delicious Kusmi St. Petersbourg tea. Delicieux!

We sent some little gifts to our families back home. We, of course, couldn’t forget about our sweet Henry.

Enjoying his Parisian toy:

Our new ornaments this year: Mickey & Minnie, a frog, and James’s Christmas gift

After we skyped with both sets of families, we headed to the quartier chinois in the 13th for our Christmas meal. We decided to try the vietnamese restaurant, Pho 14, and it was amazing! The place was packed, food delicious, and at a reasonable price.

We shared eggs rolls for our entree, probably the best I’ve ever had. I think I said “these are amazing” at least 10 times.

Our main dish was, of course, Pho. A first time for both of us, and we loved it!


For dessert we headed back home to our bûches de noel from Picard. Technically they were “bûchettes” made of ice cream and amazing.

James had vanilla with caramel and mine were coffee and speculos (and yes, we both had two 🙂 ). Yum!!

Now we’re looking forward to spending New Years with Erica!!


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