Dog stores in Paris

It’s no secret that I’m dying to have Henry move here with us. He would love it! It seems like everyone has a dog and totes him/her just about everywhere. Paris is an extremely dog-friendly city, well, if your dog is properly behaved. Henry would probably (okay, definitely) have some work to do.

Almost every time I go to the grocery store there is a dog waiting in front for his owner or with his leash attached to the little hook provided. It still amazes me that French dogs will sit outside of a store and wait!

In the hopes of Henry’s eventual move to Paris, I’d like to share a few fun dog stores I’ve come across. (I’m sure there are a million more!)

BHV La Niche (a division of the department store, BHV) has just about everything you could want for your dog. Treats, clothes, bedding, food, and lots of fun toys in a wide range of prices. We even found Henry’s food, so he’ll be all set when(ever) he gets here! His Christmas presents also came from here: a squeaky penguin and fancy dog treats (he loved them both, of course!). I’m still trying to decide on his first French collar…

Un chien dans le marais is much smaller than BHV La Niche, but still an adorable shop worth stopping for. You’ll find fancy clothes and bedding geared towards your average, spoiled, teeny, female, French dog and also lots of fancy treats.

If only Henry wasn’t so destructive, he could have this lovely bed:

For the stylish dog, there’s always Le Dog Shop. Like BHV La Niche, they have just about anything you could want, but quite a bit more expensive. Check out their dog blog!

We haven’t been to Dog in the City yet, but I’m sure Henry would look dapper after a grooming from them. Whether we could afford it…not so sure.

Start packing your bags, Henry! We miss you!!


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