La Défense et les soldes

It’s soldes time!

James and I have been looking forward to (and saving all our money) for the sales for a while now. Stores in France are only allowed to do big, store-wide sales twice a year, and basically everyone goes nuts. The sales season lasts for about a month and started last Wednesday, yay!! (The other sales period is in July.)

Following the advice of a lady I work with, we headed out to the 4 Temps centre commercial in La Défense, the financial/business district of Paris.  We even got up early to “beat the crowds”, but it was still absolutely crazy. It’s basically Black Friday, but lasts for a month instead of one day.  James came home with a pair of shoes and jeans, while I went for a gorgeous teal/blue coat and some fun make-up from Sephora.

This was our first time out to La Défense, so we braved the cold and walked around a bit. Amazing views and fun, modern art!

la grande arche

James the shopper!


Next up: Feess French Fashion!


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