Voulez-vous dîner?

Every so often, James has to go “on assignment” for his job and check out a touristy activity/restaurant that his company might recommend to their visitors. So far he’s been to a couple restaurants, museums, and a walking tour. This time I got to come along for the excursion: diner with a French couple at their home in Versailles (no, they didn’t live in the chateau, but a lovely house quand même) through the company Voulez-vous dîner?.

The concept of Voulez-vous dîner? is to give tourists a chance to meet real French people, see their home, and be cooked a homemade, French meal. What a great idea! The company started not too long ago, but I can see it becoming really popular (my Mom said she saw something similar on the Travel Channel). On their site you can choose your host by age range, interests, languages spoken, and the number of people they can host. The couple we had dinner with, Corinne and Renaud, was super nice and very welcoming.

We took the RER out to Versailles and their home was a short walk from the station. We started out the evening in their living room with an aperatif and salty snacks (think pretzels, nuts, etc). James is still working on his French, so our hosts were happy to speak English with us. We chatted for a while and then moved to the dining room for dinner.

Our first (of many) courses was garlic and herb cream cheese wrapped in smoked salmon. I’m not usually a smoked salmon kind of girl, but with the cream cheese and some bread, it was quite good! (The serving was huge.)

Our main course was amazing: a duck and vegetable casserole topped with toasted breadcrumbs (I think…they were a bit sweeter though). SOO good!

Next up were four different types of cheeses and a simple salad. I wish I could remember what they were! They told us that in French high society you always take one less that what is served (4 cheeses, you choose 3), so that’s of course what we did as well. 🙂 All very mild cheeses, all very good!

Then dessert…but we were already so full! They served a chocolate cake with a gooey, fudge center (moelleux chocolat). Delicious!! I really tried to finish it (remember how French people have a thing about that?), but I literally could not eat the last bite. Then they brought out clementines! I don’t think I’ve ever been so full in my life!

Although we were quite nervous at first, the night was really wonderful. They even gave us a ride to the RER station to make sure there was still a train going back to Paris. We got the last one of the night!

PS: I should also mentioned that they asked us ahead of time if we had any allergies/dislikes, so no worries if you do!


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