Saint Valentin & West Country Girl

James and I are trying to make it a goal to check out more restaurants in Paris instead of just ordering in Thai food or Dominos when we don’t feel like cooking (although this is still one of my favorite pastimes). Besides checking up on where David Lebovitz goes, we’ve been looking a lot at Paris By Mouth.

I really like it because you can narrow down your options by location and price, but they also do “best of” lists as well. We were looking for something affordable and close to us when we came across the crêperie, West Country Girl. It’s SO close to us! (Honestly, it probably takes me longer to get downs the stairs than walk to it).

We’ve tried a few times to eat there, but it just never seemed to work out, so we decided to make a date of it for Valentine’s Day!

The location itself is kind of out-of-the-way, but totally worth it if you’re looking for a great crêpe. The inside has a rustic, bobo feel with unfinished walls and random wooden tables and chairs. They are open for lunch and dinner, but be sure to call ahead and reserve, especially if you’re planning on a Friday or Saturday night (this was one of our previous downfalls).

James and I both decided to skip the starters (neither one of us are big fans of sardines or oysters, but apparently they’re delicious here), although I think next time we might go for the saucisson. James decided on a galette (blé noir/crepe salé) with cheddar cheese, scrambled eggs (vocab word for the night: brouillé), and bacon, while mine was with mushrooms, swiss cheese (emmental), and an egg sunny-side up. Delicious!!

Since it was Valentine’s Day we decided to spring for a bottle of cider.

All of the dessert crêpes sounded so wonderful, we had a hard time narrowing it down. I basically didn’t and went for the one with everything: a baked apple, caramel au beurre salé, vanilla ice cream. Heaven!!

James chose one with a baked apple, flambé-ed in Grand Marnier. (He said it would have been better with ice cream. But really, what isn’t?)

We’re already planning on what we’ll have next time! (I have my eye on the citron dessert crêpe..)

PS: Apparently their name is from a Nick Cave song, but I can’t say that I’ve ever heard it…


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