Crêperie: Breizh Café

It’s no secret that I love a good crêpe. While most French food is not super appealing to me, crêpes, on the other hand, I love. From our trusted guides at Paris By Mouth and David Lebovitz (who James saw riding his bike, twice!), we found the Breizh Cafe.

Since we’ve been eating in a lot, we decided it was time for a date night out to some place new. The Breizh Cafe is located in the Marais on rue Vieille du Temple, so not super far from our apartment. The owner is from the Bretagne region of France and his wife is Japanese. They coincidentally also have restaurants in Bretagne and Toyko. 🙂

We started off with little appetizer galettes with smoked butter (called “amuse-galettes”). Aren’t they cute?!

To drink I had a traditional cidre and James chose a beer from Bretagne.

We both decided to get a specialty galette, I think mine was called the Bretonne and James’ the Montagnarde. I can’t remember what was in James’ crêpe (he loved it though!) but mine had just about everything including ham, cheese, an egg, mushrooms, and creme fraiche. Delicious!

We also had the most amazing Dame Tatin dessert crêpe (caramel, baked apples, vanilla ice cream, chantilly), but alas, we forgot to take a picture and ate it in about two seconds. One of the best crêpes I’ve ever had though!

A friend of mine from work explained to me that the “quartier Breton” is located near Montparnasse and you’ll find super great crêperies in that area of Paris. I’m sure we’ll be checking it out soon!

PS: Reservations are a must!

One thought on “Crêperie: Breizh Café

  1. OMG, these look INCREDIBLE! Can we go here…? The crepes de Bretagne are made with buckwheat (which isn’t actually wheat), so it’s GF!! I’ve been reading about these places… cannot wait! 😀 PS- I’m getting the same one you got. SOLD!

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