First Anniversay Pictures

With all our visitors lately (super fun!) and an amazing trip to Switzerland, I’m waaay behind on posting about our first anniversary.

James and I decided it would be fun to get some pictures taken of us around Paris to celebrate our first anniversary, instead of giving each other big gifts. Plus, it’s hard to get a good picture when you’re the one taking it.

Turns out, French people don’t really do the whole “family portait” thing, so we went through a company called Better Paris Photos. In addition to taking visitors around Paris for photography classes, they also do family portraits.We opted for the basic package and Notre Dame & the Seine as our location.

Honestly, I was really nervous about how these would turn out. I mean, you just never know! We met our photographer at 8:45am (eek!) in order to beat the crowds. When we booked it, we thought “surely it will be warm and sunny by the first part of May!”, not so much. At least it didn’t rain though!

Here are some of our favs!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Our photographer, Elena, was super nice and very professional. About 10 days after our little photoshoot she emailed us the link to our pictures and we were able to download and have the rights to everything. Even though it’s a little pricey (although, probably not much more than you would pay in the US for a portrait session), I would highly recommend them as a way to get professional photos taken around Paris.


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